Time erodes everything – a truth that’s so painfully evident in the field of innovation. We’ve all seen how smart ideas quickly turn into fads and fade into the collection of bell bottoms and phonographs. So how do you work around that? What can a company do to diverge from the well-trodden path of template business?

Today isn’t like yesterday.

Start with the challenge of today and embrace the needs of your customer in the light of today’s demands. We all forget that the world keeps changing everyday. In fact, the same business ideas you assumed were brilliant yesterday, suddenly seem to gather rust.

Re-evaluate the form, function and execution of your business and your product on a daily basis. ‘SWOT’ it like it was built today. You’ll know what has become obsolete and what presents as opportunities for today.

After all, yesterday’s rules were only good for yesterday’s bottom-line.

A human model is the best business model.

Working with a ‘human’ driven model can help reduce the frequency of becoming irrelevant. The basic drivers of humanity don’t change. So find a way to connect with the bigger idea of what makes humans tick and you can craft a model that can stand the test of time. ‘Value’, for instance, is something that everyone seeks. We, as humans, are built to appreciate and gravitate to it naturally. Why? Because we are creatures of sense.

Look for other human drivers and how you can build a business organic enough to put the local farmer to shame.

How will you build your model today?

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