For Medicare beneficiaries, outpatient surgery for fracture care is cost-prohibitive. The bundled payment outpatient centers receive from Medicare is far too stringent to make it a reality. That is, however, until OIC came on the scene. We are working with outpatient surgery centers across the country whose surgeons and administrators have come together to make fracture care for Medicare beneficiaries a reality by harnessing the power of value our implants provide. Outside of operative and clinical care, the biggest variable affecting patient experience is how long their surgery took to complete and where it was done. It’s amazing how much a comfortable seat in the waiting room and the ability to go home the same day, post-surgery, can make a patient feel better.

What makes this a true win-win, is that the surgery is less expensive for Medicare if it’s done in an outpatient setting rather than a hospital. The trickle-down means less out of pocket for every tax payer in this country. Better service and product all at a better price – sounds much more American than fee-for-service, doesn’t it? That’s the power of value, and it’s only possible because of OIC.