clavicle plate

We here at OIC say in our brand manifesto that today is a brave new world with its own set of rules. With that said, we love the sound of rules breaking.

While we’re not advocating that any healthcare industry rules be flouted, we do believe that long-standing paradigms must shift. For three years now the team at OIC has had its collective shoulder laid into the status quo, pushing to shift the way implants are sold and priced.

Even with our best efforts change comes at, well, the speed of healthcare, which is to say glacially. However, while physician and facility alignment is far from where the American people need it to be, progress is being made.  Accountable Care Organizations and changes in reimbursement have moved from Powerpoints in lecture halls and conferences to pilot programs and realized implementations, and better yet, savings. There is a growing urgency, albeit slowly, to shift the current paradigm that adds what we see as unnecessary costs to implants and we are getting the first glimpses of impactful change. .

Yet we continue to push and shove because we believe a bottom line that delivers 50 percent to 60 percent savings needs to prevail sooner than later to provide facilities and physicians with the means to be successful in delivering quality care with affordability patients need (you don’t need a President to do it, just common sense and decision to act).

Three years ago it was unheard of for doctors to contact OIC directly inquiring about our implants because they were by and large kept in the dark about cost and pricing. Through our efforts of educating doctors and getting their buy-in, we are gaining traction against an inert system.

There is nothing more powerful than doctor-to-doctor communication, education and feedback. And that is exactly what OIC offers and encourages. To further our message and proposition, OIC will be present at the Orthopaedic Trauma Association annual meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, Oct 9-12, 2013.

Between doctors who use our implants and physician leadership providing a backdrop for high value advocacy, this year’s OTA forum has us excited. Along with the recent launch of our Clavicle Plate Solution that offers the same savings to our customers as our generic trauma products, OIC is looking forward to educating physicians about our new offerings.

Our continuing push against the status quo will be the introduction of our new Distal Radius and Proximal Humerus plates and discussion around upcoming solutions that will make OIC a formidable force in the device market

OIC believes fully that quality does not need to be compromised in order to lower costs. While that belief doesn’t break any rules, it surely does begin to shift the paradigm.


OIC entered the medical device market in 2010 with an innovative approach to delivering the highest quality implants at the lowest possible price. OIC implants cost 50 to 60 percent less than the average market price of premium implants, saving health care systems millions of dollars a year. OIC’s high-quality, low-cost implants and products can be used for a variety of procedures, including treatment of orthopaedic trauma and spinal injuries. All OIC products are FDA approved and manufactured in FDA approved facilities. For more information about The Orthopaedic Implant Company please