World-class orthopaedic implants and technology are finally affordable. OIC is a purpose-driven, forward-thinking company that is driven to change the way implants are manufactured and priced. We believe in creating better value for the implants you already know and use on an everyday basis. Yesterday’s rules were created for just that, yesterday. Today calls for a whole new approach – to not only do what’s best for your patients clinically, but also help them along financially. It’s time to rethink your options and rise to a hope of a better world.


Better value doesn’t always mean poor quality. In fact, it shines the light on many poor financial practices in the healthcare industry. OIC has a smart model that offers the same competitive quality available from your other vendors at prices that will open your eyes, not gouge them. We share the same facilities and use the same medical grade materials as they do. OIC answers to the same FDA-approved processes, quality systems, and ASTM and ISO standards. In short, we do not compromise. Not now. Not ever.


We need to rethink the way implants are used, sold, and priced. Long-established gold standards in implants should not cost their weight in it. As a cutting-edge implant company, we have to make more from less to continue raising the bar of the quality care we deliver. By partnering with us, our customers stay ahead of the changes in reimbursement, policy reform, and uncertainty. Join us in moving healthcare forward.


Nearly 80% of orthopaedic and spinal implants are commodities but still come with unjustified price tags. Sure, innovation has a price and a premium. We support that idea because it drives better products, but it is important to drive the human race forward as well. People should no longer pay an arm and a leg for the very implants that go into them. OIC innovation embraces both the delivery of high-quality products with life-changing costs, so everybody feels better. We call it ‘humanly priced’.




Reimbursement models are being overhauled. Surgeons are aligning themselves with hospitals. This calls for surgeon-friendly implant systems that are clinically proven and simplistic – allowing customers to reduce reliance on sales reps and take back control of the OR. The push for better pricing and relationships doesn’t end with our products. Donations from part of our profits make their way to the world through various orthopaedic foundations. After all, as humans, we all seek a human touch. Let’s foster relationships for the greater good.

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