Quality should never be put on the chopping block when it comes to patient care. When we offer savings on implants at 50% – 60% less than the leading implant companies, surgeons and hospital administrators raise their eyebrows about issues of quality. And they should be concerned. High quality or lack of it, affects real lives and real people who need them.

There’s no denying the results of independent bio-mechanical data that compares mechanical strength between different brand implants. Orthopaedic screws may look alike, but bio-mechanically they can be very different.  A real understanding of that is not only important, but imperative for surgeons and hospitals. However, the lab can only simulate real-life scenarios. In-vivo, independent clinical research is needed to  measure the clinical and economic outcomes of using high-value versus highly-priced orthopaedic implants.

The recent results might raise those eyebrows again, only this time in surprise.

At the 28th Annual OTA Meeting, the findings were clear: economic savings of using high-value implants were significant while clinical outcomes remained equal.  We can now check off the box on the quality of care delivered to patients and their wallets.

While larger, more elaborate studies are still to come, the day has arrived and a light is now shining on the efficacy of high-value implants. They represent an incredible opportunity for healthcare to save billions of dollars a year.

‘WE ARE HERE FOR GOOD’ is more than a tagline for us. It is a confirmation of what the healthcare system needs – help from everybody to turn this ship around.

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