It’s time we take this blog multi-media, and there’s no better medium than radio. Listening to ideas resonates so strongly with the psyche; there’s nothing more powerful than the human voice.  NPR’s Fresh Air program gets the audio nod here.  The guest is Elisabeth Rosenthal, a New York Times journalist who has hit the femoral nail on the head.

Our blog entries bring stories from the front lines in the industry and hospitals, insights from clinical conferences, and colorful analogies together to illustrate the state of healthcare and why companies like OIC are desperately needed to keep this boat afloat.  We’d be hard-pressed to pick a single blog entry that covers it all.  This Fresh Air episode doesn’t pull a page from the OIC playbook, it is the OIC playbook.  In order to understand orthopaedic implants, surgeons, and the state of orthopaedic healthcare, 38 minutes of Fresh Air will provide enough knowledge to make you dangerous.