For most of us, Labor Day weekend is bittersweet; it’s a great BBQ weekend, but the last weekend of the summer, indeed.  We will suck on tube steaks, dip our toes in the pool, or get thrown in by that token family member none of us really like.  And on Monday night, we hang up our flip flops, pack the kids’ backpacks for school, and kiss summer goodbye.  Too often, we take for granted why we get such a blessed day off.  Few are more deserving to be honored with a day off than the working women and men of this country – a token of appreciation to acknowledge it is on their backs that the country is carried.

Who are all these men and women to you?  To OIC, these men and women are clinical cases presented at orthopaedic trauma conferences by their doctors.  While sponsoring these events, we encourage our team to sit in on these case presentations for obvious reasons.  We can’t tell you how many we’ve seen, but after we realized a commonality among cases, it dawned on us that maybe Labor Day is not enough to show our appreciation to those who come home from work with dirty hands and aching backs.  You see, case presentations aren’t simple wrist fractures someone got while playing tennis. A lot of them are trauma cases presenting in the OR due to machinery malfunction, human error, or rural equipment accidents.  The hazard in trying to bring home an honest day’s pay deserves more than a day of recognition.

That effort deserves the highest quality care with the highest value possible when it comes to helping someone back on their feet after an accident.  It’s no secret that orthopaedic implants, by and large, carry an unjustified price tag.  However, it was at one of these very conferences that we overheard a doctor describing his cost-savings strategy to another doctor.  “Once I found out how much locking screws and plates cost, I stopped using them.”  Without getting into the mundane details, locking technology with regards to trauma fixation was an incredible advancement for the device space over ten years ago.  The problem is that premium vendors still charge an arm and a leg for them.  For those counting on a good harvest or trying to meet quota at the factory, it’s a good thing that companies like OIC are emerging on US Healthcare’s horizon.  OIC’s implants offer this locking technology, among more recent advancements, at value we all can appreciate.  Someone relying on their physical health to earn a living can take their wallet with them to work long after OIC implants have helped fix their fracture. When doctors choose OIC implants, they don’t have to revert to antiquated technology for value’s sake on behalf of their patient.  For all intents and purposes, OIC is the combine harvester to orthopaedics’ yoke and plow.  More efficient, strong and designed for today’s demands- great outcomes, great value.

Just as laborers are the cornerstone of our collective effort in keeping this country great and continuing to move it forward, OIC makes great care affordable.  This keeps laboring hands out of their owners’ wallets and on their respective wheel or control board.

As you kick back in the sun this Labor Day, remember that this day of leisure owes a debt of gratitude to those who give their all everyday, keeping it going for the rest of us.  OIC thanks its fellow Americans for a job well done!