Innovation in healthcare is a pretty big deal.  Few other industries can claim that lives are truly saved or made better by innovation.  However, how do we measure innovation?  Regardless of how innovative a new therapy’s design is, is it worth its cost to develop?  How and when will we know that the price tag on innovation for any idea, product or service is justifiable?  Some tough questions, indeed.

OIC is an innovative company and healthcare just happens to be the field we chose to make a difference in.  In committing ourselves to innovating how orthopaedic implants are purchased and managed, we have taken responsibility to innovate everything about the industry – to answer the call for greater value and transparency.  That’s why we created our Construct Pricing™ Program.

The biggest challenge hospitals face today is managing costs.  Trauma and spine implant costs are particularly arduous to contain and forecast.  The number and size of devices used can vary greatly from patient-to-patient and doctor-to-doctor for the same procedure.  So, not only have the prices of these devices needed to be corrected, but the cost of analyzing them needed innovation as well.  Construct Pricing™ is the solution.  OIC has gone back to the value whiteboard to provide our customers with a single price for every procedure that uses our implants.

For material managers and hospital administrators, the guessing game is over.  The implants for Joe Q Patient’s complex fracture and large bone structure now cost the same as the implants for Jane Q Patient’s simple fracture and dainty physique.  One Procedure, One Price™.  It’s that simple.

Now that’s unquestionable innovation whose value didn’t take that long to figure out. Rethink Price.