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Proximal humerus fractures present incredible challenges in achieving optimal clinical outcomes.  The OIC Proximal Humerus plate is in lock step with surgeons’ goals for internal fixation, focusing on prevention of subacromial impingement and varus collapse of the humeral head.  Furthermore, suture holes allow surgeons to place sutures addressing tuberosity repairs post humeral-head fixation.  More innovative than its design, the OIC Proximal Humerus plate brings innovation to value in the operating room that all patients appreciate.  It’s a new world in healthcare where facility and surgeon can demand the highest quality and value in a single implant that only OIC can deliver.


  • Pre-contoured anatomic left and right plates minimize need for deltoid release
  • Unique convergent and divergent screw trajectories create exceptional pull-out strength
  • Options for locking and non-locking fixation in each hole
  • K-Wire holes for plate positioning and fracture reduction
  • Optional proximal screw targeting guide for easy screw insertion
  • 3.5 hexalobe locking and non-locking shaft screws (10mm – 60mm in length)
  • Leverages the OIC Small Fragment Lock Plating System’s instrumentation and screws for instant surgeon and staff familiarity
  • Made of Titanium
  • FDA cleared and Made in the USA

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