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In our endless pursuit for creating value, OIC has produced a neutral anatomic plate that delivers big on outcomes and savings.  We’ve spent the time on design so you can focus on the fracture.  As part of the OIC small fragment plating system, the OIC distal fibula plate is second to none in utility and value.


  • Anatomic low profile plates
  • Locking and non-locking option at every hole
  • 2.5mm Locking and Non-Locking holes distally
  • 3.5mm Locking and Non-Locking holes proximally
  • Fixed and variable angle locking options at every hole, accommodating 15 degrees of freedom
  • Leverages the OIC Small Fragment Lock Plating System’s instrumentation and screws for instant surgeon and staff familiarity
  • Manufactured from titanium
  • FDA-cleared and Made in the USA

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