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In our line of work here at OIC, we are blessed by the ubiquity of our customer base. There are literally thousands of hospitals and surgery centers in the US – the opportunity to bring high-value to healthcare is endless.  With that, however, comes a lot of travel to all the nooks and crannies within this great country of ours. 

At times, it’s a quick hop on an A320 or DC-7 between major cities.  At other times, it’s a propeller plane smaller than a public bus carrying us to the hinterlands.   One airline goes against the grain when it comes to their fleet though, and it’s Southwest. Whether it’s a regional flight or coast to coast, Southwest customers will always find themselves on a Boeing 737.  It’s not the latest and greatest, but it’s a dependable plane with an excellent track record.

With just one plane model to manage, operational efficiencies are abound.  For one, spare parts inventory requirements are exponentially lower than a conventional airline’s needs.  On top of that, the efficiency gained from operating one airplane model across multiple teams and crews is so vast, it’s difficult to measure or even fathom.  Whether you are a mechanic maintaining the fleet, or a crew operating in-flight service, you are an expert in your company’s primary tool of trade.  And with such efficiencies comes lower operational costs – savings they pass along to their customers.

So where’s the commonality between Southwest Flight 3836 from Dallas to Las Vegas and orthopaedic implants?  At OIC, we’ve taken operational efficiency to the next level.  Similar to the Boeing 737 that Southwest uses, OIC has standardized the instruments and screws needed for all our plates.  The result… happier surgeons, scrub technicians, and sterile processing personal – which leads to increased efficiency and lower costs.  While lower healthcare costs are on everyone’s radar, standardizing instrumentation and implants provides not only better value, but more time to focus on the patient and that cannot be overvalued.

Southwest and OIC play by their own rules to deliver the best value and results possible.  It’s what sets us apart and defines who we are.  There’s love in the air and in the operating room, indeed.