It’s only natural that at the end of the year, with the last blog entry awaiting post, that we look back on all that has occurred in 2013.  Ultimately no one knows what the future can bring, nonetheless the human psyche turns to the accumulation of observations and events the year has brought to somehow predict what lays ahead.

The success of OIC is a fantastic barometer for how well the US is driving down the cost of healthcare. If our sales are up, savings are up. And while healthcare’s fiscal cliff is still fast approaching, it seems that some folks have really started to apply the brakes to this train.  So, it would only be appropriate to toot the OIC horn a bit, because the more trumpeting we do means the more our healthcare dollars are being saved.

Aside from, and almost more important than the great sales growth we have seen in 2013, is the geographic reach of our customer base now.  From the smallest towns across the country being served by community and regional hospitals, to major academic facilities in the country’s largest cities, OIC is being used regularly to create better value for patients.  And to that, orthopaedic surgeons across the spectrum of specialties are praising OIC clinically and applauding the model we employ to help their patients along financially, long after they have healed them.

In addition to our customer base rapidly expanding, 2013 was a banner year for OIC’s implant portfolio. Our crowning achievement this year, which has had the largest impact for customers’ savings, is the OIC Upper Extremity Locking Anatomic Plate Set.  It has blown the doors off convention, proving that sunk cost in R&D is no excuse for falsely propping up implant prices.  OIC is proof that you can attain competitive quality that is humanly priced.  And that disruptive engine has just been kicked into high gear for 2014.  All I can say is that I am very happy to be a part of OIC and not selling against it.

So, what’s to come for 2014?

Two major developments occurred this year that sum up how providers and facilities are taking the value train express to Savings Town – CMS’ Bundled Payment Care Initiative and published research clinically proving surgeons have no idea how much implants cost.  This clinical research, conducted by top, fellowship trained orthopaedic surgeons, is a call to arms reminding all doctors that knowledge, above all else, is power. The BPCI pilot programs will be a full go in 2014, tying physician and facility reimbursement to value.  Should a physician and facility deliver great value for a CMS beneficiary, their reimbursement is greater than the contracted CMS rate for that given procedure.  With accountability readied to be awarded, and doctors now reaching for the flashlight to illuminate the dark pool of pricing on implants, this winning combination in the race to save Healthcare might just do the trick.

So the healthcare stars have aligned for high value in 2014.  The groundwork has been laid for moving from fee-for-service to pay-for-performance, doctors are recognizing that they need to know what things cost, and a growing customer roster of a little, high-value implant manufacturer is making it not-so-little.

OIC wishes all of our partners, friends and families nothing but the best of health and happiness in the new year. Without your support and dedication to change what’s wrong in healthcare, OIC would not be a reality, nor what it is today – HERE FOR GOOD.