In the orthopaedics world, the doctors get a lot of glory. while nurses are the unsung heroes — the hands-on, critical link between health care and patient.

At Orthopaedic Implant Company we applaud value, quality and the human element coming together to create excellent clinical care. That is why we like to see recognition go to orthopaedic nurses, who perform much of the critical care that transforms a patient’s life.

Nurses are the patient-centric point person in the healthcare equation. They balance the clinical and emotional delivery of care to help ensure clinical outcomes are great and that the patient is leaving happy and on the road to recovery. While orthopaedic surgeons actually implant an orthopaedic device, nurses serve as the ties that bind for a patient’s episode of care. They prepare the patient for surgery, assist peri-operatively and execute post-operative protocol. That is to say, nurses provide care for the patient from the time they enter the hospital in need of care to the second they are released. Much like the Marines, they are the “FILO” in healthcare – First In, Last Out

And we love it when a spotlight illuminates the critical work that they do. Earlier this year, Katie Pierson of New Jersey’s St. Clare Health System received the Outstanding Orthopaedic Nurse Practice Awardby the National Association of Orthopaedic Nurses. Pierson serves as the Nurse Navigator for Orthopedics at The Center for Joint Replacement at Saint Clare’s.

We congratulate Katie Pierson for her recognition and we recognize all nurses out there who are in Katie Pierson’s shoes, doing the hard work that changes patients’ lives. Nurses are the difference between simply meeting clinical objectives and going the extra distance in providing great patient care.

Healthcare and the orthopaedic world are in the middle of a difficult transformation. Our medical system is being pushed to become more efficient and deliver more value to the patient at a reasonable, just and human price.

Nurses are an irreplaceable part of this process. They are an example of the unsung elements of the medical process that are integral to the success of this medical transformation.