Last month, the Orthopaedic Trauma Association held its annual meeting in San Diego, which OIC was proud to help sponsor. Given the spirit of this blog entry, it’s easy for the team here to be thankful it was our best meeting; that surgeon interest in the pursuit of better value in healthcare is higher than ever. However, it’s actually OTA President Dr. Ted Miclau’s opening address, in which he describes a gesture he was thankful for, that stands out in my mind from the meeting.

In the beginning of his career, he had come back from a meeting in Davos, Switzerland, passionate about antibiotic research. Alas, funding he could not find. In discussing the research with his mentor, Dr. Ron Lindsey, Dr. Miclau said he only needed $500 for the research. Without hesitation, Dr. Lindsey drew up a personal check and sent it to him. The money was just enough for a pilot project. But more importantly, the data proved this research could have a meaningful impact on medicine if more funds were raised and used for it. And that’s exactly what happened. It was not the $500, per se, but rather the gesture itself that Dr. Miclau was so thankful for. In all likelihood, Dr. Lindsey could have sent $20 to spurn the same excitement for the research from other donators. A singular gesture of support made others sit up, take notice, and step forward to support the research.

As we give thanks tomorrow, it’s easy to go to the highlights reel of the past year and pick a few that stand out. As Dr. Miclau’s speech has done for us, we hope you dig a little deeper – find the gestures that made a difference and be ever thankful for them. From the team here at OIC, we wish our family, friends, partners and supporters a very happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for your support and things you do that help us move the transformation of healthcare forward.